Co-Operatives around You

One in six people across the world is a member of a co-operative. One billion people know the power of cooperatives in their lives.

Ranging from small-scale to multi-million dollar businesses across the globe, cooperatives employ more than 100 million women and men. This means that worker co-operatives around the world employ 20% more people than the world’s multinational combined. Co-operation really works!

You might not notice, but there are a good number of well-known international brands that are cooperatives. The following are a few examples:

Sunkist: Producer Co-Operative - USA, Fagor : Worker Co-Operative Mondragon Group - Spain, Conad: Supermarket chain, Co-Operative system of entrepreneurs dealing in large-scale distribution - Italy, Co-operative Insurance Services (CIS): Insurance coop - UK, FC Barcelona: Supporter-owned club - Spain, Banca Popolare: Thousands of local banks owned by the depositors - Italy, London Symphony Orchestra: Artist-owned Co-Operative - UK, Credit Mutuelle: Banking Co-Operative - France, Co-Operative: Consumer Co-Operative - Italy, Associated Press (AP): Media organisation, John Lewis: Worker-owned Co-Operative - UK), Bayern Munich: Supporter-owned football club - Germany, Robobank: Banking Co-Operative - The Netherlands, Human Welfare :Credit Co-Operative - INDIA.